R2R Featured Riders

Jose Manuel Miranda

  • Hometown- Pasadena, CA 
  • US Navy 
  • Rain, Hills or Headwind- Hills
  • Last song he heard- "Bless the broken road" - Rascal Flatts
  • Favorite duty station- HSM 41- San Diego 
  • Favorite place he's rode- Texas Challenge because his girlfriend Cindy and General George Casey rode with him 
  • LA Dodgers- his favorite sports team 
  • Mentor- Al Collier 
  • Pets - Chihuahua named Rodger 
  • Favorite USA Snack - Snickers 
  • Favorite drink from a barista - Caramel Macchiatto 
  • His motivation- Family
  • Morning or Afternoon ride-Afternoon 
  • Quotes he lives by- “The will to do, the courage to dare" & ”courage knows no fear" 
  • Been an R2R family member since Great Lakes Challenge 2013

Kenneth Richardson

  • Hometown- Chicago IL 
  • US Navy & US Army 
  • Rain, Hills or Headwind- Hills
  • Last song he heard- "Royals" by Lorde
  • Family- Wife Nadia, son Isaiah (8) & daughter Jasmine (6)
  • One word describing why you ride-Clarity
  • Favorite duty station- Norfolk VA 
  • Favorite place he's rode- Chicago (Great Lakes Challenge) 
  • Chicago Bulls- his favorite sports team 
  • Mentor- Great Grandmother Elizabeth Christian 
  • Favorite Ice cream- Vanilla with chocolate syrup 
  • His motivation- his Children and believing all things sacrificed were for their benefit 
  • Morning or Afternoon ride-Afternoon 
  • Been an R2R family member since Gulf Coast Challenge 2013

Joe Qualls

  • Hometown- San Diego, CA
  • US Army
  • Favorite place he's rode - England
  • Freedom is why he rides
  • Rain, Hills or Headwind: All three!! It's not fun unless you're suckin!!
  • His Mentors- Lots of people. Throughout my life there have been a handful of people who have guided me in the right direction. I try to listen and learn from every person I encounter.
  • Favorite duty station: Ft. Lewis
  • Favorite USO snack - whatever JW says I'm aloud to eat! But I love pickle juice!!
  • Las song you heard: That happy song?
  • What motivates you: The fear of failure.
  • Any pets? Kind/names: My service dog, A golden retriever named Hooligan
  • He has a wife named Kami, son Noah & daughter Annabelle
  • Name of High school or College- Azusa Pacific University
  • Favorite drink from a barista- latte
  • Morning or Afternoon ride- BOTH 
  • Been an R2R family member since California Challenge 2012

Jordan Bressler

  • Hometown - Lake Forest Park, WA USA
  • Been an R2R family member since Texas Challenge 2011
  • Army Quote he lives by - “Don’t pet the sweaty things, and don’t sweat the petty things"
  • His fiancé's name is Darci
  • Favorite place ridden - Belgium
  • One word describing why he rides - Escape 
  • Favorite Sports Team - Omega Pharma - Quick-Step 
  • Mentor – His Father
  • Favorite Ice Cream - Ben & Jerry’s Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler Rain
  • Hills or Headwind - I have a love/hate relationship with headwind 
  • What Motivates Him - “No idea, I just put my head down and stomp on the pedals” 
  • Name of High School - Shorecrest High School 
  • Morning or Afternoon ride - Afternoon 
  • Favorite Duty Station - Ft Lewis (only one)



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