Folsom Local Rides

Ride Name Distance (mi) Climbing (ft) Route Link Ride Starts From Ride Description
Beals Point 4 386


Bicycles Plus

Small climb on the American River trail bike path to the top of the dam. Lake views.

Lake Natoma Loop 11 300 Link

Bicycles Plus

Ride around scenic Lake Natoma on bike paths. Great for the family.

Folsom South Canal 21 176 Link Nimbus Fish Hatchery

It doesn’t get any flatter. Local Time Trials are run here – a gated service road out-and-back route with no vehicular traffic on the canal.

Eastern Slopes 28 2,275 Link

Bicycles Plus

Put on your climbing gears and tackle Beatty Drive, a steep little number just out the back door.

William Pond 30 619 Link

Bicycles Plus

This is the bike trail all other trails strive to be. You’ll enjoy miles and miles of trail following the American River and its greenbelt. This is just one short out-and-back segment of the 32 mile path that leads from Discovery Park in Sacramento to Beals Point (Folsom Lake Dam). Water available all along the trail.

Newcastle Rollers 32 1,500 Link

Bicycles Plus

There are hundreds of possible route variations in the Loomis basin. Ranchettes and rolling terrain.

Rescue 33 3,100 Link Folsom Bike

Take this quick jaunt into the rolling foothills on lightly used roads. Water available at the Fire Station in Rescue.

Cotherin Ranch 46 3,700 Link

Bicycles Plus

A bucolic exploration of everything that’s right with cycling. There’s climbing involved.

Coffee Republic 47 2,785 Link Coffee Republic

A staple of the race set, this ride rolls from "Coffee Republic" every Saturday at 9:00. Racing kits and rock stars and friendly-ish “pack smack” is spoken here. Violent 

Folsom Lake Loop 50 5,278 Link Folsom Bike

This is the areas classic cycling loop. Plenty of climbing and scenery. Dramatic drop into, and climb out of, the Confluence of the North and Middle Forks of the American River.

Chase the ATOC Stage 1 62 5,500 Link

Bicycles Plus

This route avoids the flatlands and takes you right to the action

And the wind Whispers Mary 65 4,500 Link

Bicycles Plus

Want steep? Mary delivers

Prospectors Grade/Sliger Mine 68 6,950 Link Folsom Bike

We could get medieval in creating routes. This is almost there. Prospectors Grade is a local signature climbing classic – stats: 2.43 miles and 1,190 ft. That’s 489 ft per mile for an average grade of 9.36%. Not too scary…just sayin’.

Lone - Irish Hill 72 3,200 Link

Bicycles Plus

One of the best rolling terrain rides in the area, or anywhere.

Bear River 92 6,300 Link Folsom Bike

A deceptively difficult ride. Lots of climbing without a signature climb. Beautiful country.

Original Gold Rush Century 100 10,038 Link

Bicycles Plus

Alas, this route proved too difficult for most; nearly all of the real climbing occurs between miles 10 and 65. Ouch.

Not Flat Dutch Flat 101 8,300 Link

Bicycles Plus

A spectacular ride into California’s historic past and the only mining town that never burned. Enjoy many old buildings from the late 1800’s. Plenty of climbing but none too steep or extended.

Iowa Hill 104 10,579 Link

Bicycles Plus

Searching for Yeti? Along the way to some very remote country you’ll earn some spectacular views. Serious and extended climbing, ribbon-like roads and very difficult -  and yet, worth every ache and pain.

Folsom Death Ride 126 12,900 Link

Bicycles Plus

Loads of steep climbs. Often remote. Short dirt section

Silver Fork 135 14,700 Link Placerville, CA

Unbelievable. This route is for accomplished, self-sufficient riders only. Do your homework first. The scenery is even more spectacular and remote than the Death Ride; and you'll need your Death Ride legs to complete this one. Pavement is surprisingly good all the way around. There’s a 5 mile segment on Hwy 50 in the downhill direction – this section is very fast and there can be traffic in this direction particularly on Sundays.

French Meadows 154 17,300 Link

Bicycles Plus

Epic. Remote. Legendary Corkscrew and wall – the path of the road looks like someone sprayed silly string all over the side of the canyon. Fresh water spring at mile 78 (pavement is marked to indicate the spring; it’ll be on your left. Cold and refreshing – don’t pass this up, be sure to top off your bottles before moving on).

Beast to the East 167 18,900 Link

Bicycles Plus

Epic: nothing more, nothing less. Don’t worry about the details, it’s not even on your bucket list and we’re bettin’ you won’t even attempt it. We did it as training for the Furnace 508. The 167 miles shouldn’t worry you, but 18,900 ft in one day?

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