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May 26, 2016
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Stage 4 Women’s presented by Lexus – Sunday, May 22, 2016


Two of the most exciting aspects of The Amgen Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race empowered with SRAM are the diversity of the course route, and the strength of the field. The winner of the first ever UCI Women’s World Tour Race would be tested over the nearly ever considerable type of terrain: from Mountain Stages, to Team Time Trial’s, to flat but technical Criterium Circuits - to win this race you must be a well-rounded cyclist and have a strong team.

Jennifer Tetrick

Jennifer Tetrick is the sister of Alison Tetrick and is riding for team Twenty16 – Ridebiker, a teammate of Microsoft Band 2 athlete Allie Dragoo. As has been a theme throughout the week, we would see riders from team Twenty16 – RideBiker working to protect the team’s General Classification position. Jennifer Tetrick recorded a lower heartrate throughout the stage than other Microsoft Band 2 Riders, which is a testament to Jennifer’s endurance background as she has transitioned from being a triathlete to a professional cyclist. Despite turning out the power needed to cover attacks in the technical Sacramento circuits, Jenifer did not over exert her aerobic conditioning.

Jennifer Tetrick's Heart Rate During Stage 4Jennifer Tetrick's Heart Rate During Stage 4

Hannah Barnes & Jennifer Tetrick During Stage 4Microsoft Band 2 Riders Hannah Barnes & Jennifer Tetrick pictured above working for their teammates in the final circuits.

Hannah Barnes

Hannah Barnes and Jennifer Tetrick had similar roles at the end of stage 4, but had to accomplish them in different ways. Jennifer Tetrick needed to stay with the front group to protect her team’s General Classification lead and to avoid crashes. While Hannah Barnes’ Canyon / / SRAM Team was looking for their first stage win, and had a number of cards that they could play in a sprint between Hannah’s abilities and those of Tiffany Cromwell & Barbara Guarischi, two riders known to be quick at the end of a race. In the end Canyon / / SRAM played to one of the strongest riders on their team, former world champion time trialist Lisa Brennauer, who sprinted to second place on the stage. The Canyon / / SRAM team used their team strength to make the finish tough on other teams, bringing the race up to a high speed that would make attacks difficult in the expected sprint finish. In an attempt to set up Brennauer for the sprint and stage victory, you can see from Hannah Barnes’ Heart Rate Data that she increased her heart rate for the finale as she was working to control breaks and to keep a high tempo, though once she had completed her job she dropped back in the race and allowed her heart rate to lower. The hectic finish of a criterium circuit is best avoided for riders who are not contesting the sprint, Hannah had completed her job and finished safely with the field.

Hannah Barnes' Heart Rate During Stage 4Hannah Barnes' Heart Rate During Stage 4

Alison Tetrick

In the final stage of the Amgen Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race empowered with SRAM Alison Tetrick worked tirelessly for her team throughout the stage. Reviewing Alison’s Heart Rate Data it is evident that she was working hard to help control the race for her team.

Alison Tetrick's Heart Rate During Stage 4Alison Tetrick's Heart Rate During Stage 4

Alison would end the day feeling even more sore than usual as she was involved in a crash at the end of the race. Alison showed a different kind of heart following her crash, chasing back to try and catch the lead group at the end of the stage, but never making contact with the group. Eventually Alison finished with the last group on the stage, but along with fellow chaser Shara Gillow who received the Breakaway from Cancer Most Courageous Rider Jersey, she certainly showed the most heart and class.

Alison Tetrick Tweet

The heart that it takes to chase back on to finish the stage and finish the race after taking a fall is tremendous, there was no glory to be had other than the satisfaction of not giving up and of finishing the race. Eventually Alison’s work would pay off as her teammate Valentina Scandolara would spring to a sixth place on the stage.

Alison Tetrick during Stage 4Alison Tetrick during Stage 4

From the heights and beauty of Lake Tahoe, to famed Folsom, through her hometown of Santa Rosa and onto the finishing circuits in Sacramento, it was a pleasure to be able to review the data of an athlete as exceptional as Alison Tetrick for every stage.

Thank you to all of the athletes who participated in wearing the Microsoft Band 2. It was truly a great experience to be able to review the data, write this blog, and to get closer to such exceptional athletes and people as the cyclists in the Amgen Breakaway From Heart Disease Women’s Race Empowered with SRAM.

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