Skratching your thirst with Skratch Labs

Jun 23, 2014
Category: Nutrition  Cycling Tips  Lifestyle Festival 

It was a hot one last month during the Amgen Tour of California and everywhere you looked you saw the ubiquitous Skratch Labs neutral support vehicles mobilized to keep the peloton and race staff hydrated. I had never tried their drink mix and was grateful to receive half a dozen samples of the Exercise Hydration Mix to take home, which I put to the test out on the open road.

Even before I got home, I sipped Skratch Labs while walking through the Amgen Tour of California Lifestyle Festival and was instantly taken by the Pineapple flavor. It was light and refreshing and actually tasted like pineapples, a taste I never before consumed in a sports drink.

On the bike, I tried a couple bottles each of Pineapple, Orange and Raspberry. At only 80 calories per serving, I was spot on about the “light” description. The flavor was true to each fruit and I was pleased to learn that the product was made using real fruit. Skratch Labs takes pride in making products from all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce and that stems from the product’s conception.

While serving as a sport scientist and coach for an American-based WorldTour cycling team, Dr. Allen Lim started making his own secret sports drink from real fruit after riders complained about the sugary and syrupy content from the drinks they were consuming that often resulted in the dreaded bloat and upset stomach, which certainly makes racing your bike day after day far less pleasant. Dr. Lim lowered the sugar content dramatically in his magic elixir while adding salt and electrolytes to replace what the athletes were sweating out – the true purpose of a sports drink. Riders felt better and performed better. Secretly they swapped out the team’s sponsored beverage in favor of the mad scientist’s concoction thus a new sports drink was born.

Using Skratch Labs on the bike, not only did I enjoy the revivifying taste, which was far less sweeter yet more satisfying than the drink that I’ve been loyal to for the past 13 years, but I liked not getting nasty mouth from all the sugar and chemicals I was used to chugging. It made me want to drink more and science proves that better hydration means increased performance, which is how a sports drink is meant to be used: to help the athlete achieve maximum performance. I’m sold.

For more info, take a peek at this fun video clip from the minds of Skratch Labs.