Published on Jan 15, 2019 by Tom Owen

Most of us feel like the holidays can take a giant toll on us. Our diet, workout schedule, and routine can get lost in a whirlwind of eggnog, holiday potlucks, and family trips. Now that the new year has come and gone, it’s time to start setting new goals and working toward having the best year on the bike yet.


1.    Sign up for a Zwift challenge

Start your training indoors and take your cycling fitness and running fitness to the next level with Zwift. Get a start in achieving your fitness goals while the winter weather has got you staying indoors. Build on your strengths and target weaknesses with some of the best virtual coaches out there! Track your data and go at your own pace before challenging yourself outdoors! Learn more here: 



2.    Cross training

For many of us, cycling is a way to escape the drudgery and boredom of the gym. However, many are missing out on the incredible benefits strength training and cardio can provide. To supplement your on-the-bike workouts, it can be beneficial to add in some weight lifting or even mix up your cycling training with other cardiovascular-centric activities like running, swimming, speed skating or hiking.



3.    Take a cycling touring trip

Kickstart the new year by registering for a cycling tour. From Italy to Maine, there are tons of destinations, domestic and abroad, to choose from. Tour groups take care of all the details, leaving you with just one task: to take in beautiful scenery by bike. Preparing for an upcoming bike tour is a great way to motivate yourself to make cycling part of a healthy lifestyle.



4.    Find a friend

The benefits of riding with a group or a friend are numerous. You have the accountability of showing up to a training ride, friendly competition to stay charged and motivated as well as a coffee run partner on easy days.



5.    Update your gear

Whether it’s a fresh new jersey or a much-needed tire change, spending time doing some retail therapy on yourself can give you a confidence boost when it’s time to log in the miles.



6.    Hire a coach

You don’t have to be a professional to warrant having a coach. Finding the right training plan and syncing up with a coach who has your best interest at heart can be a fantastic way to take that next step. It doesn’t matter if you’re working toward crushing a gran fondo or keeping up with your best friend, a coach can help you find that success you’ve been looking for.



7.    Keep a progress log

The easiest way to stay motivated and track your progress is by keeping a consistent training log. It can be as simple as writing down your miles, your time and how you felt. Throughout your training, a record is handy to look back at to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

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