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Amgen, a biotechnology company in the race to dramatically improve patients’ lives, is proud to sponsor the Amgen Tour of California. To raise awareness around two of the world's most serious illnesses, title sponsor Amgen founded Breakaway from Cancer® and Breakaway from Heart Disease™.

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Breakaway from Cancer®

In 2005, Amgen founded Breakaway from Cancer® out of the belief that it takes a team to beat cancer. The nationwide initiative aims to increase awareness of the important resources available to people affected by cancer – from prevention through survivorship.

Breakaway from Cancer® is a collaboration between Amgen and four independent nonprofit organizations that play leading roles in several aspects of cancer care, complementing the services provided by healthcare professionals. Services of the independent nonprofit organizations include advice from cancer survivors, links to research and clinical trials, information on cancer prevention, cancer education, emotional support, help with financial issues, and access to care.

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Breakaway from Heart Disease™

Breakaway from Heart Disease™ is a national campaign powered by Amgen to help change the course of heart disease in the United States. Amgen believes we should all understand our risk of heart disease and be empowered to take steps to improve our heart health through being active and eating right. Breakaway from Heart Disease™ has partnered with Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, the American Heart Association (AHA) and Schwinn® Bicycles to empower Americans to take charge of their heart health by getting active and eating healthy starting today.

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